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Urban Yoga Nijmegen
Yoga can produce a marked effect on your body, mind and spirit. That's why it's important for you to choose the class that fits your needs. Because every individual has his own constitution I offer several different classes. Your well-being comes first! That's why I recommend beginners to Jai Ma Yoga to take some Basic classes first to build up on a profound foundation. Classes are taught in english and/or dutch.
18:30 - 20:00 h (1,5 hrs.) Power Flow Level 1
20:15 - 21:45 h (1,5 hrs.) Moonlight Bliss Basic Level
09:30 - 11:00 h (1,5 hrs.) Morning Bliss Basic Level
11:10 - 12:10 h (1 h.) Pregnant Flow   Prenatal Yoga Basic Level
18:30 - 20:00 h (1,5 hrs.) Moonlight / Backfocus Mixed Level
20:15 - 21:45 h (1,5 hrs.) Late-night Bliss Mixed Level

All classes take place at the Studio 32, Lage Markt 32 in de Benedenstad van Nijmegen, a two minutes walk to the Centrum and less than one minute away from the beautiful riverside of the Waal.


Jai Ma Yoga

All Urban Yoga classes are Jai Ma Yoga classes which integrate the Universal Principles of Alignment of Anusara Yoga. Correct alignment in yoga keeps you safe and has therapeutic value; it creates strength and wellbeing for mind, body, and soul.

In the Jai Ma Yoga classes, each student practices yoga to the extent suitable for their individual experience level. Jai Ma Yoga enables one's ability to evolve through continued practice, gradually increasing flexibility and relaxing the inner self. Most Jai Ma Yoga classes incorporate Vinyasa, a dynamic flow of yoga postures alternating with holding poses for a longer time. Classes are themed, and adjustments are made by the teacher as a supportive and friendly piece of advice, encouraging the student’s progress by development of posture. Every class is intended to support and uplift both your physical self and your spirit. “Come as you are and leave better.”



Late-night Bliss

As it becomes dusk Late-night Bliss offers first a powerful Asana practice (yang-yoga style). In the second part of the class you will slow down and a serie of long and slow poses to stretch the connective tissues follows (yin-yoga style).


Morning Bliss

Morning Bliss is an energizing wake up call. You will release tension in tight areas including hamstrings, chest, back, and your mind. A perfect start for your day!


Moonlight Bliss

The Moonlight class is for all those who would like to cultivate balance and relaxation and go deeper by slowing down. Gentle and restorative Yoga focuses on opening and relaxing your body and renewing a healthy immune system. The precise and easy to follow lesson is accompanied by music. A good way to let the day fade out in a calm and relaxing way. This lesson is open for all levels.


Moonlight / Back-focus

For practitioners who want to deepen their knowledge of Jai Ma Yoga basics by strengthening the back, shoulders and neck and benefit from the gentle Moonlight Bliss Yoga.


Pregnant Flow - Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga offers a balanced and safe programme for the well-being for body, mind and soul. Besides its strengthening and relaxing effects, prenatal Yoga is a natural and useful preparation for the birth. Discomforts like back pain, acid reflux, and hormonal moods can be soothed by a regular yoga practice (read more about in my Blog).


Power Yoga Flow

A challenging and creative flow of poses. In Power Yoga Flow classes movement and breathing are strongly related. Flowing, dynamic Asana-Sequeneces are combined with Alignment. The class ends in a pleasant relaxation.


Jai Ma Kids Yoga

I offer Kid's Yoga classes for schools, Peuterspeelzaalen and BSO's in the Netherlands and Jai Ma Kid's Yoga Advanced Trainings for yoga teachers and pedagogues around in Europe.

In classes fun is the rule! Yoga kid's will enjoy the movements and the creative and playful way of doing qualified Children’s Yoga. Additionally, Kid’s Yoga is a good way to encourage concentration, relaxation and pleasure in movement itself.


Private lessons

Private lessons are tailor-made to your individual needs and can help to refine your Yoga practice; they may focus on therapeutic anatomical aspects for your personal needs. Another option is to introduce yoga or get to know challenging postures and lift your practice directly to the next level. An intake is included.



1,5 hour classes:
12,- Euro drop in,
110,- Euro ticket of ten (3 month valid for all classes)
10% off for students, unemployed and 65+

1 hour classes:
10,- Euro drop in,
90,- Euro ticket of ten (3 month valid)
no discount available





Learn the proper alignments, the postures (Asanas) and breathing techniques. Every lesson has a different focus, so you always learn and do something new.


Mixed Level

This class is open for everyone at all levels. A wide variety of options and inspiration is shown for what is possible in your yoga practice on the given day. This alignment based class is de- signed to revitalize the body and mind. All tools of yoga are used and modifications for beginners and option to challenge more advanced practitioners are offered.


Level 1

This level will expand on your strengths, stamina and flexibility as you explore more inter­mediate postures (inversion, backbends) and more challen­ging sequences. (+/- one year of yoga experience).


Level 2

For Yogis who want to get in the flow by combining the sophisti­cated Asanas gracefully. The more advanced poses are introduced by celebrating inside out!