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About Jaima Yoga

About Urban Yoga Nijmegen and Jai Ma Yoga

Urban Yoga Nijmegen was established in 2012 to offer the gift of yoga to everybody. Having an inspirational foundation based out of Berlin, Urban Yoga Nijmegen gives you a unique international perspective on Yoga.

Urban Yoga offers Jai Ma Yoga classes. Jai Ma Yoga is the fusion of my studies and training with numerous teachers focusing on both traditional and modern yoga lineages. Offering a fresh perspective and adding a sense of lighthearted humor, Jai Ma Yoga intends to inspire; it is gentle yet challenging on each level and encourages meeting each moment fully. The classes are well designed, rich in content, and skillfully aligned with the purpose of each session. Jai Ma Yoga supports the students through conscious exploration of body, mind and spirit so that the universal energy is individually experienced. The central aim of Jai Ma Yoga is keeping the yoga practice sustainable for the yoga practitioners no matter of adult or child.


About Doris

As the founder of Urban Yoga Nijmegen, I reflect on my many years of yoga practice as teacher and student. My enthusiasm for yoga and the yearning for spiritual inside has brought me to several trainings representing numerous yoga lineages (see right), motivating me to broaden and deepen my experience and knowledge about Yoga and its context. In addition to my trainings, I took traditional and modern Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at both Integral Yoga Berlin and the Teacher Training of the Anusara Yoga method.

Before and while exploring my passion for yoga, I worked for five years as a writer and editor for the German children’s television programming at ARD and for two years as a teacher at a primary school. In addition to my Yoga classes in Nijmegen I train yoga teachers and pedagogues to become Jai Ma Kid’s Yoga Teachers in cooperation with several yoga studios in Europe. Presently, I´m the only Anusara related yoga teacher in Nijmegen with a therapeutic background. What's more, I am married and the mother of two lovely sons.

Incidentally, during my studies twelve years ago at the Free University Berlin, the theme of my scientific paper was “sustainable cities”, and now my passion has developed into “Urban Yoga”. Fortunately, I have been inspired by many great teachers and have had the opportunity to bring all my knowledge and experience into one compressed form: my Jai Ma Yoga practice.

For me, yoga is a way of life. I dedicate my teaching to the expectation that yoga gives an honest experience of oneself and serves everybody regardless of their phase of life.


About my students: Let them speak


Dr. Joachim Eichler, Historian, 53 years:

One thing is for sure: Yoga works. I came to Yoga because of recognizing how my wife seemed to shine after taking a yoga class. That’s what I wanted and I got it.

Because of many workshops I experienced many different kinds of yoga.

The Yoga lessons with Doris Lilienweiss were always something special for me. She never played a role, it always was the authentic Doris practicing Yoga. She was cheerful, approachable by every student and took everyone as they were, with their physical abilities. Doris never “corrected” me, she just helped me. The yoga practice with Doris was a great pleasure to me.


Yvonne Maurer, Dancetherapist:

I only can recommend Doris as a yoga teacher. Her fresh, heart-felt and approchable manner of giving lessons, her precise guiding into the Asanas and her tender connection of the exercises with the Yoga philosophy make every Yoga lesson profitable. After her classes body and mind are equally warmed up.


Nora Abu-Oun, Journalist:

Yoga with Doris is – with one word – wonderful! Her pleasure in doing Yoga shines bright and every time she infected me by this; after every lesson I went home happy. Doris’ warmhearted, tender and attentive manner is unique! And all this without missing the necessary discipline of Yoga. That she’s leaving Münster means that we have to practise without her. That’s sad. But of course I wish all the best, delight and happiness to her in her new surrounding an with her new Yogis!


Gu Dankbar, Socialworker:

I experienced the lessons with Doris as very inspiring. The clear focus of every class creates a nice frame, which had been filled up by Doris with a very precise, challenging and tender practise. Every time I was able to go on one little step, in every lessons my borders were moving, I did not only find my home in Anusara Yoga in general, I found it in Doris’ lessons because of her articulation whose breath led to growth. The fascination about it was, how Doris could activate the inner teacher in every student. Namaste.


Malathi Nampally, student from India:

I found it very nice doing Anusara Yoga with Doris especially because of the way she teaches. She has a unique way of communicating with the people and very different way of teaching. When I did Anusara Yoga, it was very relaxing and helped me a lot to calm down and relax when I was in stress. One should try and do Anusara Yoga at least once.



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