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Deepen your practice ~
a monthly serie of workshops

Once a month we dive deep into our yoga practice at "Yoga in der Lilie" in Rhede, my charming place of birth in Germany. Come and join the monthly serie of Jai Ma Yoga workshops presented by "Yoga in der Lilie"!

Part 1:
Twisting detox

We detox our physical body, twist into bliss and stretch
towards freedom of our heart while practicing skillfully.
First we slow down in a restorative practice. A serie of twisting sequences designed to remove toxins from the physical body will bring you into a state of receptivity to increase the flow of life energy. Next to Yoga practice the workshop considers essential detox diet tips. (Part 2 of detox yoga in march)

Detox Part 2:
Spring groove: Make space, turn up the heat, tune into nature

As nature moves out of the winter toward spring the earth warms, and blossoms unfurl and the natural world is going through a rebirth. So we do!

In the workshop we balance kapha, one of the ayurvedic dosha, create space in the lower half of our body, breath easy and build up inner heat to prepare ourself for a groovy spingtime. Jai Ma Yoga, blessings to mother earth!



Time and Place

Yoga in der Lilie, Rhede, Germany
Part 1:  Sat, 2. February 2013
Part 2:  Sat, 9. March 2013
sign in:: www.yoga-ganzheitlich.de

Jai Ma Kid’s Yoga Advanced Training

a training for yoga teachers, pedagogues, and people who enjoy working with children

The need for children to move, to relax, and to concentrate more is evident in today’s fast-paced modern environments. That’s why preschools, schools, and movement institutes are increasingly planning children’s yoga into their daily routines. For children, practicing Kid’s Yoga means experiencing their bodies in a positive way and developing pleasure in movement. This is a sustainable practice enhancing their whole life.

The Jai Ma Kid’s Advanced Yoga Training offers you the right professional development to teach Kid’s Yoga in a creative, sensible, and joyful way.

  • Content
  • Presentation of quintessential children’s yoga classes and literature
  • Philosophy of Hatha Yoga for children
  • Mindfulness, concentration, and relaxation for children
  • Children’s yoga in pedagogical daily routine
  • Methods and didactics of children’s yoga
  • Anatomy
  • Possibilities and limits of children’s yoga
  • Presentation of children’s yoga classes and reflection

The Jai Ma Kid’s Advanced Yoga Training takes place during two weekends and includes 24 hours of studies. Theoretical essentials of yoga and children’s yoga build a solid foundation to interlace playful and creative elements of kid’s yoga.

During the first weekend, the theoretical elements and the practical realization are acquired. In addition to ideas, the practical part of the training contains games and exercises, the handling of teaching/didactical material, and the learning of relaxation techniques for children.

During the second weekend, your own kid’s yoga classes and lesson concepts will be presented and reviewed.

The Jai Ma Kid’s Advanced Yoga Training takes place in cooperation with several Yoga studios. Classes are available in German, Dutch or English languages.


Approximately one year of prior yoga experience is preferred to obtain the Jai Ma Kid’s Advanced Yoga Training certification.



Times and Places

Cool Yoga Dortmund, Germany
Part 1:  12. / 13. January 2013
Part 2:  2. / 3. March 2013
9:30-12:30 and 13:30-17:30
further details: www.coolyoga.de
Inside Yoga, Frankfurt, Germany
Part 1:  6./7. July 2013
Part 2:  24./25. August 2013
further details: www.insideyoga.de
Yogaloft Stuttgart
Part 1:  14./15. september 2013
Part 2:  23./24. november 2013
further details: